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Graduation 2019
Posted On:
Monday, April 29, 2019

Opp High School

Graduation 2019


Proper Dress:

Girls:      Dress (shorter than gown)

                Black Dress Shoes

                Remove wrinkles from gown

Boys:     Black pants        

                Black Dress Shoes

                White shirt with dark tie

                Remove wrinkles from gown


Dates and Times:


Wednesday, May 15, 2019 – Class Day

                Class Day Practice:  8:30 am in the OHS Auditorium

****Please be dressed in Graduation attire and ready to go to OES.  Remember to bring your cap and gown

Seniors will go to OES immediately following Class Day practice to do a walkthrough for the Elementary students.

                Receiving Diploma Pictures in Cap and Gown:  10:30 am in the Media Center

                                Picture Prices:  $10 group pic

                                                                $10 for diploma package

                                ***** Bring money in envelope to turn in at time picture is taken.******

                Senior Group Picture:  11:30 pm (SHARP!!) in the gym

                Class Day Ceremony:  Line Up in Commons Area at 12:30

          1:00 pm in the OHS Auditorium

Sunday, May 19, 2019 – Baccalaureate

                Line-up in the Common’s Area at 5:50 pm

                Baccalaureate Service:  6:00 pm in the OHS Auditorium

Thursday, May 23, 2019– Graduation

                Graduation Practice:  8:30 am at Channell Lee Stadium

                Line-up:  7:00 pm at the designated spot at the stadium in cap and gown

                Graduation Ceremony:  7:30 pm at Channell Lee Stadium





*Caps and gowns are worn at all services with proper dress under the gowns!

*Anyone who does not wear proper dress will not be allowed to participate!

*Caps should always be STRAIGHT ON THE HEAD, NOT AN ANGLE.

*Tassels should hang to the RIGHT.

*When leaving the auditorium, exit the outside doors.  DO NOT remain in the lobby of the  



OTHER SENIOR ACTIVITIES:  Senior Banquet – May 13th at The Opp Depot

                                                        Honors Banquet – May 20th at the OMS Multipurpose Room


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